Bad breathe also called halitosis which means offensive breathe is a dental disorder which makes the mouth to smell really bad.

Based on a survey made in Ghana to check the number of people suffering from bad breathe, almost 70% of students in Ghana were suffering from this disorder. This disease is a really disgraceful one and has to be treated once you perceive it.

Are you suffering from Bad Breathe based on its definition, then you are at the right place. Below are five powerful home remedies that works like magic. 

1. Eat more fruit and Vegetables.

One way you can freshen your mouth is by eating fruits and vegetables as they tend to keep the mouth fresh and also their  scent removes the odour from your mouth as you keep eating it. Wiith this you don't have to waste money to purchase any minty syrup and other mouth wash. 

2. Rinsing your mouth with salt and warm water mixture.

Another way your mouth odour can leave you naturally is by trying this method. This method is done simply by mixing warm water with three table spoons of iodated salt. Stir for about 5 mins and boom, your solution is ready. Pour a half of it into the mouth and rinse your mouth with it for about 10 mins. After the ten minutes is due, rinse the mouth with fresh water and there you go. Repeat this method for about five days if you really want to get rid of bad breathe once and for all.

3. Brushing the Teeth with smoked cotton material.

Most at times we don't respect old or archaic remedies, but these are the methods that really work. Brushing the teeth with smoked cotton is another perfect method to overcome bad breathe. Doing this kills the bacteria that causes this offensive smell. It's simply done by smoking a small piece of cotton and using it as a brush to brush the teeth for about three days. Becareful the smoked cotton is not too hot. Since it can cause pains in the mouth.

4. Chewing Plantain mixed with charcoal.

With a slight slightly opened hole in a piece plantain stalk, insert a charcoal then chew it a little bit to make it soft and wet so that it can brush your teeth for you. Do this day to day if you want to turn your bad breathe into a good one.

5. Do not eat too much sugary foods.

We are not restricting you from eating sugar at all but too much sugar will make the gum weak which is another way bacteria can manifest in the gums leading to bad breathe. Eating too much sugar makes the gum weaker as the gum bleeds when brushed and the bleeding makes the mouth produce bad odour. 

The above home remedies have been carefully researched and experimented upon and we have made sure it's all harm-free. We assure you, after trying it, all bad breathe will vanish away from you. It works like magic. Share if it works.

Note: After trying these and you still haven't noticed any good changes visit your dentist.

Published on 29th, Dec 2020

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