Date for reopening all basic schools, shs, and Universities In.

Since February after the virus crossed the borders of Ghana, the president has been always updating the country on the issues of covid-19 and some measures taken against the spread of the corona virus. 

This would be the 21st time the president is addressing the country and Ghanaians are ready to hear the next step taken against the spread of the conavirus since it's not out of the country yet. The number of cases in Ghana has declined recently and we believe we are on the path to defeat the virus. The total number of cases will be announced as usual. Parents and students been stressed at home are willing for schools to reopen since their children are really disturbing at home. Till now, parents and students really don't know when schools are resuming into their various schools and this has led many female students astray. A recent speech by the Educational Minister made us aware that the president will be addressing the nation again at the end of December for us to know when schools are going to reopen.

As we are all home and ensuring the safety protocols, we would like to advice all people to still abide by the rules as directed by the president. Should you experience any kind of respiratory disturbance, don't hesitate to call the emergency line for immediate healthcare. 

Ikranium News wishes you happy merry christmas at home. Enjoy the holidays with joy. Thanks for reading. We love you.

Published on 28th, Dec 2020

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