"Only Mahama can go to court", Kweku Baako.

In a post by Kweku Baako on facebook, He asserted that the action of the National Democratic Congress Presidential candidate will futher deepen the country's democracy whichever way the result may go.

The veteran journalist explained that despite the several exclamations of members of the NDC, per new rules whicch were made on 12th of October, 2016 and came into force on January 5, 2017. So based on the law, only John Mahama will be allowed to enter the court against the the 2020 presidential election results challenge.

The law as stated in the constitution is Article 64(1) which states that the validity of the election of the President may be challenged only by a citizen of Ghana who may present a petition for the purpose of challenging the presidency to the Supreme Court within twenty-one (21) days after the declaration of the result of the election in respect of which the petition is presented".

Members of the opposition, NDC, have indicated their intention of challenging the election result declared by the EC's chair, Jean Mensa.

The authors of the Fourth Edition of the Manual under reference, after highlighting the purpose of Article 64(1), in my candid opinion, proceeded to pose a question of far-reaching implications and consititutional significance.

"The question is: can the petition be brought by more than one Ghanaian citizen?"

Based on Article 64(1), the petition must be brought to by only the candidate of the opposition.

Kweku Baako of the New Crusading Guide further explained some of the points in the rules.  You can read further on his social media handle by tapping on the link below

Kweku Baako Post Social Media Handle.

Published on 29th, Dec 2020

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