- Popular relationship counsellor, Rev. Oduro, has advised men not to fall for women with beautiful shapes but rather go for beauty with brains.

Mrs. Charlotte Oduro has cautioned men not to chase women for their beautiful shapes but because of their intellect.

"I don't know why Men are mostly attracted to women with big booties and breasts. Go for intelligent women. Not the ones with beautiful shapes without brains."

Madam Proko also wrote about this on her Instagram handle, 

"Na The Things Wey Una Dey Wear Dey Give Una Spiritual Husbands – Counselor #CharlotteOduro
Ghanaian Relationship counselor Charlotte Odurodon talk about spiritual marriage for new interview, as she yarn say spiritual husbands dem dey come from wetin we dey wear, wetin we do and how women dem dey go naked because they wan slay."

It is mostly common that men are attracted to beautiful women with nice body shapes and this makes them forget about going for brains.

Counsellor Oduro advised that men should focus on good inner characteristics instead rather than focusing on outer characteristics such as big backside and the rest. 

In our review about her post, ikranium.com, came to a suggestion that in today's world, most men want an educated, intelligent wife who can earn a good wage. In turn, men can worry somewhat less about producing wealth but may benefit from brushing up their looks and domestic skills. 

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Published on 2nd, Jan 2021

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