The son of the millionaire and the business mogul Osei Kwame Despite of Despite Media, Kennedy Osei has revealed a very painful truth. He took to his social media handle and said, Don't expect life to be perfect, it will never be, change your choices.

According to Kennedy Osei, there is no way life will ever be perfect so people should stop having impossible daydreams and expectations. 

He added that some challenges of the past should never lead you to give up your bright dream and future.

His post read,

"Life has never been perfect and it will never be, but life will always be what you make it. Everything in your life is a reflections of a choice you have made; be therefore positive in life.

If you want to fly, give up anything that weighs you down. Don't allow the challenges you had to deal with in the past negatively affect the choices you have to make today.

Keep the pace because you don't have unlimited time on this planet. Believe in yourself, push your limits and positively impact mankind. Nothing lasts forever, just keep safe and mitigate your stress. 


Life is indeed a war and if you are a type who give up easily, success isn't your portion. Life as we see it, doesn't always shows us its good side. But in all things, let's learn to be grateful.

Published on 22nd, Jan 2021

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