Ghanaian highlife musician now turned evangelist, Papa Shee has come under immense criticism following his controversial opinion on how to receive a call. Papa shee blasted by many people for saying, you are going straight to hell if you answer a call by saying hello. 

The man evangelist made the headlines early this week. He said anyone who receives a call by saying hello will go straight to hell. He further explained that the meaning of hello is hell oo. He added that Satan is very smart and delusive as he can use many ways to try and defeat God's people.

For him, he answers a call by saying Hallelujah or Amen since he knows the holyspirit has revealed to him the implications of the word 'hello'.

"The enemy is very cunning and very intelligent too. You can say praise the lord, or amen or good morning, good afternoon and so on when you receive a phone call. Words are very powerful. 'Hello' and most other words are satanic and were created by the devil. Hello means HELL OO. Evangelist Papa Shee said while preaching on Kingdom Plus 101.9 FM. Giving his thoughts on the controversial statement, however, popular newscaster with Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN), Nana Agyei said Papa Shee needs a higher knowledge and spiritual enlightenment of his calling.

"Somebody should tell Papa Shee for me that he needs a spiritual sanctification and deeper spiritual enlightenment", Nana Agyei.

More people has blast the Evangelist for making such statement. 

"Let's stop giviing people the undue opportunity to ridicule Christianity and Our Saviour Christ.", He added.

Published on 23rd, Jan 2021

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