Yes, I admit I write this answer from my own experience not after reading some random article on 5 signs you're wasting your life but you can't admit it.

Most people in their young age tend to be too high to the extent that they refuse advice from their elderly ones. Doing this can result to one wasting his or her life or being late in life. 

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1. You watch YouTube videos until you feel exhausted and your eyes start bleeding (10-15 hours).

Yes  I will admit it. I have been in this before. Most of the case, many people tend to watch inspirational videos to help him or her boost confidence in what he or she is dooing but here in the case that you can't stop watching these videos after your first 15 minutes. Doing this is a time wastage too and most people tend to forget that they even have something more precious to do than just watching mere inspirational videos.

2. You read One book and before completing it - switch to the Next book.

Most people do this very often. They tend to read a book and in the middle of the book, they stop reading because they are not finding much information in them but they tend to forget most writers or authors place much information and knowlegde at the end of their books so that you will read everything in it. If you find yourself in this habit, I will advice you to stop since it's one of the signs that you are wasting your life.

3. You download 100s of PDFs on your laptop - which you never read, but you still don't delete them.

4. You repeatedly telling yourself the same story. 

It's not your fault if you fail, it's your family and friends fault.

They never believe in you. This is also a sign that you are destroying your life.

If you are using Instagram too much - then it's the fault of Instagram CEO.

If you are changing careers, as you are changing your clothes, then it's a YouTube fault. Whenever you open it - It gives you a new online business recommendation.

If your working table is messy, then it's your maid's fault.

5. You become toxic.

You're always ready to fight - even the slightest thing is enought to irritate you.

6. People are approaching you for their work according to their schedule.

7. People are giving you low quality jobs and also expecting you to accept these jobs.

8. After wasting time, like "Sleeping three hours extra" - you make sure you feel guilty but you still stick in this guilty state without doing anything.

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Published on 8th, Feb 2021

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