NPP celebrity and Pro-supporter, Prince David Osei is not happy with President Nana Addo's decision to tax Ghanaians for the free water they used last year as a precautionary measure against the spread of COVID-19.

During the 2020 elections campaign, the free water was one of the bait the government used to tap votes. fast forward a few months after the lections, this same NPP who claim they gave us free water is now asking Ghanaians to pay back the money through some newly introduced taxes.

Prince David Osei shared his views about the tax increments on his social media handle. 

In his words, the NPP campaign celebrity, wrote:

"If we campaingned for #4More4Nana to do more on the premise of free water and electricity during the pandemic and we turn around to tax the people, then it makes some of us who championed the course look mindless! "

Pls, Mr President I believe in you! There can be another way of recuperating the money lost other then citizens paying for the free usage of water and electricity you affectionately offered to them.. Thank You @nakufoaddo ❤️

— H.E Prince David Osei (@PrinceDavidOsei) March 17, 2021

Published on 17th, Mar 2021

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