The  Anointed Palace Chapel Overseer said he does not stand in the position to condemn any church elder who has chosen more than one woman for himself because nobody has condemned Solomon in the Bible.


According to the Bible, Solomon chose numerous women for himself yet God was with him, gave him the knowledge and came out with the book of Proverbs which Christians today take inspiration from.

So, Rev. Obofour who believes that God’s silence on Solomon’s attitude means positive said he as a man of God imitating the works of God, he can’t condemn an elder who also chooses to sleep or take more than one woman.

Rev. Obofour

However, Rev Obofour made it emphatic that if God descended on David for killing and snatching Uriah’s wife in the Bible, then he stands in the position to criticize a man who takes someone’s wife.





Published on 29th, Nov 2020

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