"I was not forced or pressured to resign from the Government. I did all that by my own will. I resigned to give the President peace of mind to work, he revealed".

He added, There is so much pressure on Akuffo Addo, the nation's president. Now the real reason why I resigned from the Akufo-Addo's Government is that, people were always pointing fingers on me saying, I have done this and that. I am single man an he is handling millions of people, so I decided not to give him pressure by explaining anything to him but rather made my mind to just resign. I left the office so that he will be free from the complaints from people. 

He kept on saying, Nobody forced him to resign or could have forced him to resign but did that to clarify that his hands were clean from corruption. 

The Minister by name, Mr. Rockson Bukari, resigned from the ministry after a leaked contents of a tape popped up in which he was trying to bribe a journalist.

It has been more than two years now after his resignation as a Minister of State in charge of special duties at the presidency under controversial circumstances, Mr. Rockson has come out to wash himself clean from claims he was forced to resign. 

Published on 26th, Jan 2021

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