U.K to start vaccinating early next week.

Vaccinations are set to begin next week with the vaccine, which the pharmaceutical giant has said trails show is 95 percent effective.

The United Kingdom became the first country today, Wednesday to formally approve the Pfizer and BioNTech covid-19 vaccine, a huge humanic milestone in the fight against the pandemic.

The first jabbing of the vaccine are set to be rolled out next week, the government said, although this first wave will cover a small number of health care workers and the elderly.

The vaccine has been authorized far earlier than any vaccine in history of the world.

President Donald Trump has accused the Food and Drug Administration of dragging its feet, while the FDA says it’s simply taking the time to make the right call.

“For so long we’ve been saying that if a vaccine is developed, the nothings will get better in 2021, and now we can say when this vaccine is rolled out things will get better”, Hancock told the BBC.

He posted on his twitter handle, Help is on its way. The NHS stands ready to start vaccinating early next week.

The UK is the first country in the world to have a clinically approved vaccine for supply.

The U.K has ordered forty (40) million dosages, enough for up to a third of the population given that this is a two-shot regime. None of these have been delivered yet, and most of them won’t come until next year.

The first batch as stated by the Pfizer will contain 800,000 doses from Pfizer’s plant, Hancock added to the BBC.

The European Union will wait longer than that, its regulator announcing Tuesday that it would not make a decision on the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine until as late as Dec. 29, and Moderna’s by Jan. 12.

Covid 19 vaccine

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Published on 1st, Dec 2020

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