Madam Patricia Asieduwaa, popularly known as Nana Agradaa has recently had a series of 'beef' with the Nation's Prophet, Opambour which led to series of insults on live tv and so on.

On Sunday, 8th November, 2020, Nana Agradaa claimed on live tv that the man of God Opambour sleeps with the wives of his junior pastors even before they are handed to them for marriage. 

She also claimed that the man of God has never slept with his wife for the past ten years of their marriage but have time sleeping with his junior pators. Also she claimed the man of God himself is also a gay. Moreover, she went ahead and said the man of God and herself used to sleep in the same shrine in the beginning of his ministry. 


Opambour upon hearing this allegations made him came out to spit out fire. He said, none of what Agradaa is saying was true and threatened Nana Agradaa to expose her. Again, he dared her not to try him lest for him to lose the cat out of the bag.

With this recent fight between opambour and Nana Agradaa, Nana Tornado made a statement that, the popularly known prophet Opambour, is one of the  reasons why he stopped being a christian and also regrets for being a christian some time ago.

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Published on 20th, Nov 2020

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