Bishop Ajagurajah who said he serves God through Ajagurajah has made claims that a certain black bearded rapper is married to a demi-goddess at this very moment.

In an interview with ZionFelix, the Bishop revealed that the rapper is fond of wearing dark glasses and he is bearded too. Though he refused to name the rapper but most of Ghanaians has gotten the clue. 

"I don't do things for fame so I will not mention any name here. The rapper himself knows that what I am saying is the crystal truth.", He said.

Nonetheless, he went on to describe the celebrity in question saying, " He is very popular and his wife is a demi-goddess and I will never stop saying it. He is dark in complexion and always found in dark sunglasses. You will never hear any news about his wife. The day that the rapper leaves his wife, he will go back to cos zero. If he thinks I'm lying, he should try it and see something. He went on to say, it's because of his wife that is why his career has been a success and great one. 

He went on to reveal some bedroom secrets. He said, the rapper always worship her every morning by kneeling down infront of her and say thank you to her. Ajagurajah said, because his wife, who is a demigoddess is the success behind his carrier, everytime they fights at home, his day becomes messy. That particular day, he gets trolled on social media.

The founder of Universal Spiritual Outreach further went on to say, he has eyes so he can see a lot of things going on in the country. 

Published on 18th, Feb 2021

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