There have been a number of broken hearts videos trending online and most Ghanaians are reacting on it. Edon happen again. Another KNUST broken heart video has been sighted trending online. After Sammy's broken heart video gushed out and made him a public sensation, another has been just released.

It's not even a month since the freshers came to school but many broken girls has left their boyfriends just because of seeing other more potential men and boys out there on campus. 

Sammy's case was by Nana Ama and this years case is just similar to Sammy's though the guy didn't cheat as Sammy did.

According to reports, this lady is one Bridget who has decided to end her relationship with this fresher and as a result, shattered his heart into pieces. The fresher with his identity hidden has been seen in a video crying his heart out with his face burried in pillow.

Upon watching the further investigations, Ikranium News found out that The lady in question is a Pharmacy student and in an audio circulating, the girl said the guy isn't capable of helping her to learn so she has decided to allow the guy to move on with his life as she has found a new guy who can help her learn and pass her exams better.

Per the video, other room mates of the Konti Hall are seen singing and chanting the name "Bridget" with their intention to console the guy whose heart has been broken. Many assert that he has spent a lot on this Bridget girl who has eventually left him. 

Below is the link to the video of the guy crying his heart out

Published on 18th, Feb 2021

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