Trump loses another court case challenging the US general elections.

Donald Trump lost a federal court challenge yesterday on his way to snatch the presidency from Biden, Joe. The judges said another case was being fought there which is “smacks of racism”.

The blow came less than 24 hours after the heave-ho by the US supreme court of the most audacious Republican attempted yet to annul Joe Biden’s victory in the elections almost six weeks ago.

But despite the latest pricking legal defeats and rebukes, Trump took to the skies in the Marine One presidential helicopter on Saturday on his way to an engagement in New York and flew above a protest of several hundred diehard supporters in Washington DC, who persist in bolstering his false claims that the election was “stolen” from him by fraud and conspiracy.

This as the US  electoral college will vote on Monday to confirm Biden’s resounding victory, alongside his vice president, Kamala Harris.

After the Supreme Court decision, Christine Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, said of the Trump campaign challenges to the election result: “It is now truly over. Trump and his acolytes need to stop all efforts to deny millions of votes.” More than 120 Reppublican members of the House of Representatives wrote an amicus brief to the supreme court last week in support of the lawsuit broudht by Texas, which had been joined by Trump and aimed to overturn abruptly refused to consider.

Trump gestures as he departs out of court.

Michael then hopped in and said, It’s an offense to the constitution and it leaves an indelible stain that will be hard for these 126 members to wipe off their political skin.”

On Saturday in the Wisconsin, the US district judge Brett Ludwig dismissed one of Trump’s latest lawsyits there that asked the court to order the state’s Republican-contolled legislature to name him as the winner, whereas in fact Biden won Wisconsin on his way to winning the White House. Even as Ludwid said Trump’s arguments “fail as a matter of law and fact” a lawyer for the president, Jim Troupis, was busy arguing in another case, before a disbelieving Wisconsin state supreme court, a lawsuit that, if successful, would lead to Biden losing his power.

Trump is not challenging any votes in Wisconsin counties that he won.

Moreover, Trump has already lost many dozens of court cases on his claims of widespread farad and election abuse.

Friday’s rejection of the Texas case by the US supreme court, which asked the bench to overturn Biden’s victory in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia came despite Trump been nominated three of the nine justices, which has tilted the court dramatically to the right.

The New York state main lawyer, Letitia James, who was among the 23 lawyers who asked the highest court to reject Texas’ lawsuit, said in a statement: “The supreme court has denied the efforts made by trump to invalidate the ELECTION 2O20.

Clearly there is a very strong and previously unseen anti-Democratic impulse in the United States that can way too easily be activated, and this is going to be a big fight for years,” Michael Waldman said.

Published on 13th, Dec 2020

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