A prisoner caught in attempt to smuggle weed (marijuana) for inmates.

A prison Officer at Ankaful Maximum Security Prison in the Central Region, has been hailed by the authorities for shockingly resisting bribe from Drug Lords including a prisoner who has been sentenced 45 year in Jail.

According to him, the officer feigned interest but reported the matter to his superiors who provided him with cover to enable the authorities arrest the dealers who were drug lords operating from outside.

The PRO  for Ankaful Maximum Prison Superintendent Vincent Ziniel who confirmed this on a local radio station, revealed that one Boakye approached the prison officer in question and told him about the plan of dealing in drugs and how he can make more money from it.

An agreement was therefore reached and a location for the delivery of the first consignment of smuggled goods was also chosen.

The prison officer added, I selected four colleague officers to hide at where the criminals will give the drugs to me and quickly got them arrested at Abee community near the prison.

Superintendent Ziniel revealed that two notorious criminals and drug dealers Nana Yaw and Opiah Mensah ages 17 and 20 respectively were caught red handed with 15 parcels of weed and have been handed to Elmina District Police command to continue with their investigations.

He later disclosed that the Central Regional Prisons Commander, is very happy and proud of the officer for such a devoted work since he has not seen such a committed officer like him before in his thirty years of working as a prison officer.

The Commander of Prisoners warned all other prison officers who are not honest and committed to learn from this act and disist from any bad act which can lead them to jail.

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Published on 15th, Jan 2021

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