Most of the time, most people, especially the old men mingle with small girls and waste all their precious time and money on them instead of taking care of their kids and helping their immediate family grow. 

Prophet Nigel Gaisie on Wednesday, took to his facebook handle to advise men and women older than 45. 

Below is a piece of his advise.

If you are between 45-60years!Consider these...Kindly **EXAMIN YOUR LIFE AGAIN THUS AM I BECOMING A COLOSSAL *FAILURE * OR A SUCCESS??

1.Are you married?If you not married...kindly get married or get a mutual person pathner and live together.

2.Atlesst you have to have a master degree since first degree is not the best in our time and if you were denied formal education,get a skill or a vacation.Get busy with your life,make an income *

3.You are under a siege or curse if you still in your family compound most often among the ga*s in accra,GHANA.Get your own apartment even if it's a kiosk...get in and start life on your own accord.

4.Stop making excuses because time is not on your side,divorce yourself from past glorious.

5.Stop chasing little girls who are about to bud in life,it will drain you more.Date a more responsible lady who can add value to your almost wasted life.

6. Don't let liquor and vain ventures take most of your time,you don't have enough time to fool....STOP FOOLING.

7. Go for regular medical check-up.

8. Stop investing in other people's children as much as possible and focus on your kids....INVEST IN THEM SINCE THEY ARE YOUR SUREST SECURITY WHEN ALL THE LIGHTS ARE LOW.Surly one of them will do well in life and it will impact you at old age.

9. Save ,save,save,save.

10. Don't waste too much of your energy on sex and perversity, you have had enough at your flower age.


12. Stop buying iPhone and other things for younger girls when your daughters and sons fees are not paid.That young lady has a younger boyfriend somewhere because in her mind,you are getting old and you won't marry her!At worse she doesn't love you,it's only your money she loves.BE WISE AND PUT YOUR HOUSE TOGETHER BEFORE YOU FOOL OUTSIDE *

13. Build a house or at worse get a land for your kids to come continue thus by putting up something on it later in life.Make life easy for your kids.

14. Don't say,I won't take care of my kids because I have divorce the will regret a regretble regret.Life has a way of paying such stupid men back in their own coin.You have a problem with the mother not the kids,the kids are entirely your responsibility.

15. Stop mastebating and excess*B.J.*....Prostrate Cancer is waiting for you.N.B.I encounter lots of men with these problem as a prophet.Take care of your reproductive health.

16. Don't ever make a mistake by not writing your *will*before 50years or not being exact in sharing your properties with the hope that, you trusting it into your relatives hands for them to do the needful to the benefit of your kids and wife.Your relatives will kill your kids and wife after your death.YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY FIRST*

17. Don't let any girl/boy who is at the same age with your biological kids call you **BABY**You are being stupid,you are not a kid,you are an old man/woman.Be responsible and stop FOOLING

18. Be very close to God because you are about to die and there will be judgement after that*death is inevitable, so put yourself together.

19. Give your kids,quality life.

20. Don't trust your family members to the core,trust but with caution.*

20. Don't go to court with your petition, they won't grant it.So always avoid anything that will lead you into going to court...Most of the judges since bible days are BISAED AND CORRUPT.They dont fear God if you doubt me read the gospel thus the story about the unjust judge.So if you get power,don't joke with power there is no justice but only in Christ Jesus.

21. If possible, avoid polygamy.

22. Live right and at peace with all.

22. Tell truth always

23. Don't worry,if you don't have a biological kid,adopt one if possible.

24. Don't hire your friends and relatives in your business....they will collapse it.Deal.with them but not in the line of your business.

25. Don't joke with money, it's neutral material and it's not easy to get one....DONT JOKE WITH IT.

26. Avoid failures and talkatives in your inner cycle.

27. Always bath after sex and If possible avoid it on the day,u were born.Sex is powerful, it can make and unmake u.

28. Dont respond to your critics,more so anyone you are better than in life.

29. Don't listen to the noise at the Market,if you do you can't buy any.ACHIEVERS DONT LISTEN TO NOISE..

30.Associate with great and quality people not everyone.nobody has made it in life by making all.theur friends....CHOOSE FRINENDS, DONT LET THEM CHOOSE YOU.

31.Be slow to speak but fast to hear, at your age...enough of the talking...observe and crave for results.

Published on 18th, Feb 2021

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