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Policy Notice:

This Privacy Policy is aimed at assisting you to understand the privacy details about how Ikranium Media Incorporated and its global affiliates manage you Personal Information that ou provide to Us when you are using our website. Personal Information reffered to in this Policy means all your data that Ikranium obtains when you use our services.

  1. How Ikranium Media collects your information?
  2. In order to provide services and information to you, we will acquire your Personal Information by the following ways no matter whether it is the Personal Data prescribed in this Policy or not:

  3. Personal Information you provide to Ikranium when you surfer Ikranium Website or services.
  4. i. Device information: including but not limited to device model, device identification number, WIFI MAC address, PLMN, version of android system, version of software and network operator.

  5. Third-party application ID information: Android ID, Google, advertising ID, Facebook ID, WhatsApp ID, etc.
    Apart from the Personal Data mentioned in this Policy, Personal Information collected by Ikranium Media may also include non-identifiable information. Non-identifiable information refers to the Personal Information that could not lead to the identification of an individual, such as the downloads and other statistics. Ikranium may decide on its own the processing, use, and disclosure of non-identifiable information.

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Ikranium has appointed a Data Protection Officer. For any questions in relation to hte protection of personal privacy, please contact our Data Protection Officer by clicking on this link to email your complaints or questions to him.
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